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  • My First Snowshoe Trip - Part II

    Awaking to a message that my cousin (adventure chaperone for the day) was on his way, I quickly began shoving gear into my pack. I had stayed up past midnight with an assortment of everything camping and survival gear that I owned, now scattered across my living room floor. As I gulped down my coffee and hastily poured the rest into my new Yeti for safe keeping, the doorbell rang heralding the arrival of my guide. It’s go-time!

  • My First Snowshoeing Trip - Part I: Gearing Up

    The first stop for this would-be adventurer is the Jax Coffee Bar to complete my morning routine! I followed the courteous directions over to the Climbing and Camping Department of Jax, where the Rental equipment and desk can be found.

  • Courtney's Perspective: #GirlPower

    As an employee at Jax, I get opportunities to try new things all the time. This time it was traveling to Gould, Colorado and staying in a yurt to do some back country skiing.