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Camp Chef Cast Iron Conditioner 8 oz

Camp Chef Cast Iron Conditioner 8 oz

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    Camp Chef Cast Iron Conditioner 8 oz

    This Conditioner is the best way to 'season' your cast iron Dutch ovens, grates, griddles or burners. Recommended by world champion Dutch oven chefs. Made of all-natural ingredients to protect your cast iron. It only takes a little of the mixture to properly care for your cast iron to ensure years of use. A must have for anyone who is serious about taking care of their cast iron.

    Preparing Cast Iron for Seasoning

    Some cast iron cookware brands come with a wax coating, which protects the product during transport between the manufacturer and you. This coat helps minimize rusting. Cast iron is very sensitive to changes in temperature, making it an excellent cooking material, but also making it susceptible to rust if not properly cared for. Camp Chef cast iron comes with a True Seasoned ready to cook finish. If your iron is not seasoned, do the following. Place your cast iron upside down on your Camp Chef outdoor cooker, in a barbecue or in your home oven. If using a oven use a cookie sheet under your cast iron to catch any wax drippings. Set your heat source to medium heat to melt off wax coating. When burning off the wax on your cookware, the wax will smoke. This step is best done outside to avoid excess smoke in the kitchen. When smoking stops, your cast iron is ready for seasoning. Remove from heat source and let cool. Wash and dry thoroughly with hot water to eliminate any deposits.

    Seasoning Technique #1

    When your cast iron is prepared for seasoning, follow these easy steps:

    1. Saturate a clean cloth rag with Camp Chef Cast Iron Conditioner
    2. Coat all surfaces of the cast iron with conditioner
    3. Place in heat source upside down and heat to between 400 and 450 F. in oven or on medium setting of a low pressure Camp Chef burner
    4. As the cat iron begins to smoke remove carefully from heat (be sure to wear protective clothing at all times while working with hot cast iron)

    Your cast iron cookware is now ready for use or let cool, then store for next use. After each use, apply a small amount of Camp Chef Cast Iron Conditioner, about a dime's diameter worth, and thinly coat all surfaces of the cast iron. Over time, this will make your cast iron black, creating a finish called a "patina." This patina will enhance your cast iron by creating a glasslike finish, which also creates a nonstick surface.

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