Jax's History

Jax began in 1955 as small building on the edge of the Dreher family pickle farm where the boys sold military surplus items. At the same time in Ames, Iowa, Marvin & Lola Quinlan opened a small military surplus store. At 18, Marvin & Lola's son, Jim, became Store Manager and sole employee.

At 21, Jim headed west to open his own store. "Rocky Mountain Surplus" in Fort Collins, CO opened on August 1, 1983. In 1988, the Dreher family

announced they would be closing the original Jax Store. Jim acquired the Jax property.

In 2001, "Quality Stores" declared bankruptcy and Jim acquired the property. On April 1, 2002 the store opened as "Jax Farm & Ranch". In 2008, the Loveland store was the first to offer all of our product categories together.

In 2010, we opened our 5th store, with a blended category mix in Lafayette. In 2013, we expanded the store into two separate stores. The blended store was converted to Jax Outdoor Gear and we added our 6th store, Jax Ranch & Home in Lafayette.

Today, Jax Mercantile Company includes 7 stores: Jax Outdoor Gear and Jax Ranch & Home located in Fort Collins; Jax Outdoor Gear of Ames, Iowa; Jax Outdoor Gear • Ranch & Home in Loveland; and Jax Outdoor Gear; Jax Ranch & Home in Lafayette and Jax Outdoor Gear and Jax Ranch & Home in Broomfield.