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There are inherent environmental costs in the manufacture, distribution, and sale of all products. It is our company policy to meet customer needs; our goal being not to pressure customers to buy a particular kind of product, or to limit what we offer to particular types of products, but rather to seek out and carry products that have reduced environmental costs and to help customers become aware of the environmental cost/benefit ratios of various products so they can include that in their purchasing decisions, if they so desire.

Products that may fit the criteria for a Jax Conservation Choice selection may include:

  • Those made from organic and/or renewable resources.
  • Those which are re-used/recycled, or made from reused or recycled items
  • Those which can be easily recycled
  • Those which are made locally from local resources; (use of local goods helps support the local economy, results in reduced energy expense due to less shipping)
  • Those which promote reduced energy consumption or actually reduce energy consumption
    • items that can be readily repaired instead of discarded (e.g. products for which replacement parts are available)
    • items that educate about ways to reduce energy use, pollution, etc.
  • Those which reduce toxic pollution during manufacture, use, or when disposed more than alternative products.
  • Those whose manufacturers or distributors contribute a portion of sales proceeds toward conservation efforts.