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Honey Stinger Energizes Colorado

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Advertisements touting the most powerful energy gel or perfect protein bar can make it difficult to find the right game-boosting snack for you. Unless you read the labels carefully, you never know what you’re getting with many energy boosters. A large number of the products on the market contain highly concentrated amounts of sugar, which your body burns through quickly, leaving you exhausted again shortly after. If you’re looking for a Colorado-local energy supplement that won’t leave you feeling drained, take Honey Stinger products with you on your next adventure.

Organic Roots

Based out of Steamboat Springs, Honey Stinger uses organic honey as the base for their products instead of pure sugar. Although honey is a sugar, it takes your body longer to process than the refined cane sugar you find in most energy bars. Honey Stinger supplements the honey with protein and fiber from organic tapioca syrup. The extended time that it takes your body to break down both the honey and the tapioca helps your energy last longer. These nutritious products taste great, and even make a healthy treat for your kids.


Honey Stinger offers a wide variety of energy products and delicious flavors for you to choose from so that you aren’t limited to one type of supplement. If you prefer bars, you can grab one of their energy bars or protein bars. For a more compact option, try their energy gels. Hikers will love their waffles and energy chews, which are also popular with kids who love gummy candies or cookies. Unlike most other gummies, the Stinger energy chews don’t stick to your teeth, which makes them better for your teeth than other gummy products.

The Steamboat Stinger

Honey Stinger enriches their local community as well. For the last five years, they have hosted a massive race called the Steamboat Stinger. Bicyclists and runners alike participate in this event. The mountain bike race portion of the event encompasses a 50-mile trail on Steamboat’s Emerald Mountain, starting near the base of Howelsen Hill and ending with the Lupine and Bluff’s Loop. Runners follow the same trail, running 15 or 25 miles, depending on the chosen marathon.

The event started as a small fundraiser to promote the trails around Steamboat, and has turned into one of the most anticipated races in the state. This year’s race drew more than 900 competitors, with prospects of drawing more athletes to Steamboat next year.

Whether you’re looking for an energy supplement or a tasty, nutritious treat, Honey Stinger offers the products you want. As a retail store specializing in outdoor goods, Jax proudly offers these Colorado local products. Please visit Jax Mercantile Company online, or stop by a location near you to see what we have in stock.

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