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Come Help Jax Kick Off the Hunting Season

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Jax Hunting Kick Off Event

With leftover license day on August 4th (starting at 9am) and hunting season right around the corner, Jax Mercantile Co. wants to kick off hunting season with a bang. Our Jax Outdoor Gear location at 1200 N. College Ave. in Fort Collins is hosting a Hunting Kick-Off Event on August 8th from 10am - 6pm to get you ready for the season. We have invited vendors as well as our experienced staff to give demonstrations on essential gear for your hunting season.

Delicious Demonstrations

We believe in sharing quality food and teaching you how to prepare your own gourmet meals, so we’ve planned several food demonstrations. Representatives from Fort Collins’s Horsetooth Hot Sauce and Stuff-n-Mallows will both set up booths for you to enjoy. For the more adventurous palates, we will also host an MRE (Meals Ready to Eat, dehydrated military rations) demonstration set up in a Reliable Tent & Tipi cooking shack display.

If that doesn’t get your mouth watering, the smoky smell of the Louisiana Grill will. Representatives from Louisiana Grill will give a smoking demonstration to inspire you on new ways to prepare your game meats. If smoked game meat is not your first choice, you can also learn about dehydrating and preserving with representatives from Excalibur Dehydrators.

Book Signing Event

For big game enthusiasts, celebrated local author Susan Reneau will join in on the celebration. Susan will be signing copies of her book, “Colorado’s Biggest Bucks and Bulls,” a must-have read for hunters of all types, packed full of helpful information and insight about all of the big game Colorado has to offer.

Learning the Lay of the Land
Heading out into the great outdoors means that you need to know the lay of the land. Or, at the very least, understand how to read maps and GPS devices to keep you from getting lost. You can visit representatives from onXmaps to learn new map tips and essentials on reading and understanding maps. If you prefer using a GPS, you’ll enjoy chatting with representatives from both Garmin and Leupold Optics.

Fun for the Whole Family

The hunting kickoff promises to be fun for the whole family. Our archery team plans on setting up an archery range for kids so that they can test their skills. Our optics team also has fun plans to set up a GPS-based geocaching demonstration in-store so that you can learn about the treasure-hunting game that’s sweeping the nation (we will provide GPS devices for the game). On top of these fun activities, we will also set up a driving course so that you can try out the Quiet Kat electric hunting vehicle. This three-wheeled machine can travel where ATVs cannot, carrying you further off the beaten trail for your hunting experience.

While you are at the store, you can also win Under Armour giveaways. Ask our staff for details.

Essential Gear and Accessories
In order to help you gather all of the gear you need, we also invited representatives from Leica to discuss scopes, Weston to discuss game processing, and other product representatives. Our knowledgeable staff will also be available to tell you about the latest and best gear and hunting clothing, such as the new Under Armour hunting boots.

Join the Fun

The staff at Jax Outdoor Gear is proud to host the hunting kickoff, one of the first major events organized entirely by the store’s staff. Please join in the fun to kick off your hunting season. Even if you are not a hunter, you’ll enjoy many of the wonderful demonstrations available. For more information, you can call our Jax Outdoor Gear location at 970-221-0544.

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