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Stay Stylish with Versatile Ibex Clothing

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When I go clothing shopping, I look for versatile, durable items. I’m a casual outdoors enthusiast, but spend a large chunk of my time kicking around Fort Collins or commuting to work, so I want my clothing to serve a variety of purposes. Whether I’m out on the trails or running around town, I want my clothing to keep me comfortable. At the same time, I want to feel confident about how I look in what I wear. I’ve recently learned about the Ibex brand of clothing, which meets many of my needs.

A Green, U.S. Company
The first thing that stood out to me about Ibex is that these clothes are made in the U.S.. This means that unlike other leading clothing brands, Ibex feeds directly into the local economy, and does not produce excess shipping emissions. Reduced emissions are not the only green choice that this company makes. Ibex participates in garment recycling and upcycling. At the end of this clothing’s life, you can ship it back to Ibex and they will re-purpose the material to keep it out of landfills.

All-Purpose Functionality
Ibex makes all of its clothing using natural merino wool as the primary material. I love merino wool because of its immense versatility. Although most wool is itchy, merino’s long fibers weave together into smooth, soft fabric. With one touch, I can tell that this heavenly cloth differs significantly from soft cotton clothing.

Ibex Kira Dress

This wool also keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, making it great all year. Additionally, merino wool breathes well and wicks excess moisture away from your skin so that you stay comfortable. Merino wool’s all-purpose nature makes Ibex clothing great for commuting, casual days, and active days alike.

Trendy Styles
One of the biggest problems I run into when looking for combined active and casual clothing lies in aesthetics. Most dual-purpose clothing looks terrible. It’s meant to fit comfortably, but doesn’t leave me feeling confident in public. Ibex solves this problem by offering clothing that fits the latest trends. Many of their designs feature vibrant colors and patterns as well, offering a reprieve from the usual blacks, browns, and tans available in other versatile performance clothing.

I’m not limited to t-shirts and pants with Ibex either. Although this company does make nice t-shirts and performance tops, they also design other great clothing. Their skirts and dresses are flowy and easy to move in, and their trendy coats offer tremendous warmth in the winter. They also offer a great selection of fashionable tank tops and shirts.

If you’re looking for versatile, durable clothing or base layers, check out what Ibex has to offer. Please visit Jax Mercantile online, or swing into a Jax store near you for more information about this year’s hot styles from Ibex.

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